The 12,000 sq ft building is a dedicated, free-standing Senior Center, offering a new paradigm of intentionally-designed space to provide Wellesley’s seniors with opportunities for physical, intellectual, and social engagement.

Bright and light, the Tolles Parsons Center has:

  • Informal drop-in areas/gathering spaces for spontaneous interaction and socializing…where anyone walking in will feel welcome and where seniors of all ages will gather…a place to sit and read, or engage in conversation.
  • Spaces for scheduled activities and programs, including large and small multi-purpose activity rooms and a main hall…all designed for concurrent programming and maximum flexibility…places for learning, sharing, teaching, and contributing. 
  • Dining room that can be used for small and large gatherings, community events, special lunches, social activities, and more.
  • Commercial kitchen to service the dining offerings and to enhance the dining experience.
  • Outside patio area, with landscaping, benches, and a bocce court…places to be with others or just enjoy the outdoors.
  • Office/administrative spaces providing welcoming and efficient office spaces for the COA staff.
  • Space for confidential and private consultations.

Through your generosity, the Tolles Parsons Center will be a beacon for Wellesley’s seniors for years to come.

"This will be our seniors’ home away from home.  They will take pride in it.  They will treasure this."